Abstracts are now being accepted for papers to be presented at OCEANS 14 MTS/IEEE St. John’s. Abstracts must be submitted by March 26, 2014, in one of three categories:

  • Regular Technical Program: Abstract submitted for review, technical paper, presentation in technical or poster session at the conference, and publication in IEEE Xplore if all requirements are met. Oral presentation in a poster session, for those authors who prefer this option, is at the discretion of the Technical Program Co-Chairs.
  • Student Poster Contest: Abstract, paper, poster presentation, and publication in IEEE Xplore. The SPC is open to any full-time student in an accredited program. Participation is limited to the top 20 (approximately) applicants as determined during the abstract review process. Travel expenses will be subsidized and full registration is included. Applicants who do not qualify for the SPC may be invited to participate in the regular technical program (no subsidies).
  • Special Sessions (Workshops and Panels): Abstract and presentation, no publication. Participation is at the discretion of the Technical Program Co-Chairs.

Contact the Technical Program Co-Chairs for inquiries about Special Sessions.


Regular Program and SPC submissions should be made on-line through the conference website, www.oceans14mtsieeestjohns.org.

Click HERE to download a complete list of OCEANS St. John’s Local and OCEANS Core Topics.

Abstracts (paper proposals) should be one to two pages (500-1000 words), including equations and figures. All paper proposals must be in English.

  • Paper proposals should clearly explain the intended paper and its technical significance.
  • Paper proposals must be submitted on-line via the conference website, www.oceans14mtsieeestjohns.org, and must be uploaded in PDF format.
  • Paper proposals must be for original work that has not been previously published.
  • Paper proposals must not be advertisements nor overly commercial in content.

For further information please contact the Technical Program Co-Chairs:

Randy Gillespie – randy.gillespie@oceans14mtsieeestjohns.org
Ralf Bachmayer – ralf.bachmayer@oceans14mtsieeestjohns.org

Or the Student Program Chair:

Marcel Montrose – marcel.montrose@oceans14mtsieeestjohns.org

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