You are invited you to submit an abstract , by Mar. 15, 2014, for the fifth International Conference on Ocean Energy . Abstract topics should encompass the theme “Advancing an International Ocean Energy Delivery Industry.”

At the Halifax, N.S. conference, Nov. 4 – 6, 2014. you will join 700 delegates from around the world to discuss and learn about leading activities in building the world’s ocean energy industry. Each conference year, the International Committee works to address the most relevant issues affecting the industrial development of ocean energy.

The Call for Abstracts is your opportunity to be a part of the most significant ocean energy event in the world. Presenting at the conference will allow you to:

  • present your achievements at the world’s largest ocean energy development event
  • share your ideas and achievements with those involved in pilot projects
  • look for collaborators for research, development, demonstration or development
  • be recognised as a leader in development of this industrial opportunity

For more information about abstract criteria and submission, visit: