It is big – almost the same size of EUA. It shares borders with ten neighbouring nations. Sitting at number ten in the world economic rankings, yet still a developing nation, Brazil has plenty of investment opportunities. There is huge economic potential, an eager domestic market and the third most advanced industrial sector of the Americas

In order to capitalize on those opportunities and develop national capabilities, Brazil’s federal government offers numerous business opportunities to foreign investors and maintains a steady process of privatisation and deregulation

Brazil’s consumer class has been growing expeditiously . They are
earning  money, developing appetites, refining tastes and buying,  buying, buying
According to a new business opportunities presentation forwarded to OceansAdvance by Clerio Aguiar, a Brazilian Business Investment Consultant, here has never been a more opportune or pragmatic moment to invest.

Aguiar admits, in his enthusiastic but surprisingly frank presentation, that the business opportunities are as challenging and  fascinating as the country itself. “The keys to starting a business in Brazil are primarily patience, appropriate knowledge and strong partnerships with trusted Brazilian law firms and local partners,” he explains.

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