TEAM14 recently returned from the San Diego OCEANS’13 Conference and I am happy to say it was a HUGE success,. The Oceans Branch of the Dept of Innovation, Business and Rural Development received the MTS International Compass Award and our own Marine Institute’s MTS Student Section won the MTS Outstanding Student Section Award.   What an achievement and congratulations to both for their hard work and dedication.

Strong representation from the NL Business and Academic community in San Diego and the recognition that we received was second to none.  When the International President of MTS invites the TEAM from NL to stand at the MTS AGM and acknowledges their presence, energy, commitment and hard work (it’s never happened before) for an event that hasn’t even happened yet, you know its a recipe for success !

OCEANS’14 sold in excess of 56% of the booth space available for next year’s event while in San Diego, that in addition to our sales prior to and since mean we are now 72% committed.

So that doesn’t leave many spaces available for an event that is still 11 months out !

If you haven’t already done so you may wish to visit our website to see who is booked (you might want to be next to ABC Company, or not 🙂 , see what space is available, costs etc:

Visit our interactive website: choose a spot, fill out a contract and send it to my Colleague Sue Kingston: or myself:

IF you have ANY questions please feel free to contact me at my new email address on the line above or just hit reply 🙂 or give me a call at my new number below !

The Local Organizing Committee believes this will be a tremendous opportunity to show the international oceans community (both research and business) just what an amazing place Newfoundland and Labrador is.  Between  our incredible business climate; our superlative academic community and our outstanding research facilities we truly are a world-class Oceans Community.

So make sure you are a part of this Conference and Trade Show. There are many, many opportunities for business, academia and students to participate. Check out our site, drop me a line, make sure you are part of this exciting event !

CONTACT: Catherine Hogan, Project Manager, OCEANS ’14, Institute for Ocean Technology, Arctic Ave, MUN Campus, Box 12093, St. John’s, NL; 709-772-4366 – Office     709-740-5842 – Mobile