Canadian Women in Ocean Industries Leadership

Thank you to:
Moya Cahill, Chief Executive Officer, PanGeo Subsea

OceansAdvance and its partners would like to thank Moya Cahill for being the guest speaker at our inaugural Coffee with CWOIL virtual event which took place on January 20, 2021.

We also would like to thank all of those who took the time out of their busy day to share a coffee with us.  If you were unable to attend the session, no worries, you can view it here.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Coffee with CWOIL.

Did you know? Today, women comprise only two percent of the global marine and ocean industry. Research shows that gender diversity and a culture founded on inclusion and belonging are proven multipliers to corporate performance, profitability and economic growth.  According to research from McKinsey, “Canada can add $150 billion in incremental GDP by 2026 by advancing women’s economic empowerment”.

OceansAdvance and its 46 local, regional, national and international partners aim to change that.

Coffee with CWOIL is just one of the many initiatives the Canadian Women in Ocean Industries Leadership (CWOIL) initiative will be implementing as we work towards the development of a program which will see an increase in the number of women actively working in the oceans sector around the globe. Whether its trades, technical, research or entrepreneurial based, we need to attract and retain women to stay in this industry of highly skilled, well paid professionals.

Over the coming months, we will feature an array of international females as they tell us who they are, where they started, where they are and how they got here.