Dated Oct 26, 2012: The Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development (IBRD) has engaged the firm of Goss Gilroy to develop an updated profile of the ocean technology sector. This study will build upon the previous sector profiles conducted in 2006 and 2010.

Included in the analysis of the overall scope and nature of the sector will be statistics related to market participation, employment and growth revenues.  It will include information on education levels of employees and will track the extent of female participation in the sector.

The previous sector profiles were completed with an extremely high participation rate and so we are all calling upon your support once again to ensure that we develop an accurate and thorough picture of the ocean technology sector. The rapid growth of the sector recorded in the previous profiles in fact led to the formation of the new Ocean technology branch within IBRD.

Your collective input will be used by the new Ocean Technology branch to help inform future direction. Please take the time to participate In this exciting project.

Thank you In advance for your cooperation.



Barry Dawe
ADM, Ocean Technology
Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development