OceansAdvance, Canada’s Ocean Super Cluster and the Ocean Technology Alliance Canada (OTAC), Canada’s national association representing the ocean technology sector, is reaching out to ask that you take the 10 minutes or so required to “claim” your listing on Canada’s Oceans Asset Map.

Update Your Map Listing …

Throughout the last number of months our team have identified 2,000 organizations across Canada who operate within the ocean sector. This listing is now available for you to review online and, should you choose to, provide any relevant changes or updates to your information.

For those who participated in our survey the information you provided has already been added to your listing. You can now claim this listing and make any necessary changes. Other listings have been configured with basic information, which organizations can now supplement.

Claiming your listing is a straightforward process that can be completed from any computer with internet access. Simply click here and follow the attached set of instructions.

The asset map and database is available for your review anytime at http://canadhttps://triware.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=63b305c6dbfdbf8788bb8c9d2&id=d7490a0fb8&e=724d8b7617asoceanassets.ca/.

We appreciate your support in this initiative and encourage you to update your listing as soon as possible.

Let’s show the world just how strong Canada’s ocean’s sector is!

Cathy Hogan Chair, OTAC
Kendra MacDonald CEO, OSC