As a province with over 17,000 km of coastline, our marine environment and industries have sustained us for hundreds of years. The Turning The Tide Marine Industry Awards were established to celebrate this important connection and recognize individuals and organizations that have made, and are continuing to make, exemplary contributions past and present. Now in our 5th year, we are calling for nominations for the following Awards.

Industry Leadership and Excellence Award
The challenges facing our marine industry today include; climate change; environmental stewardship and sustainability; marine safety and security; human resources and new market development. Given to a business or an organization, this award recognizes business success, demonstrated industry leadership and a commitment to excellence and innovation in one or more of the above-noted industry challenges to benefit the industry. Nominate Now

Industry Lifetime Achievement Award
This award is given to an individual for consistent leadership and outstanding contributions that have not only led to personal and corporate success but to the growth and success of the industry itself. A change-agent with passion and a willingness to challenge the status quo, this individual is a respected big picture thinker whose industry breakthroughs and willingness to give back to his or her province and community have already created a legacy.  Nominate Now

Innovation Leadership Award
Innovation is a key success factor in today’s competitive world and it is extremely important to recognize such leadership in the marine industry. Those firms that challenge the status quo to come up with a game-changing technology, a smarter work process or even new markets deserve recognition. The winner of this award is entrepreneurial and has taken on the risks and sacrifice that most often define the road to a novel solution. Whether that innovation has solved an age-old problem or opened up a completely new frontier, what will be evident is that the winner of this award has pushed through a barrier to benefit their business and in doing so has raised the bar (and the ceiling) for the entire marine industry in this region. Nominate Now

Award of Historical Marine Significance
This award is given to acknowledge and celebrate our rich marine history. The recipient may be an individual, organization, or community. The historic significance could be related to a singular event or accomplishment seen to have turned the tides of our history. The historic significance could also be related to a longer-term activity that has positively impacted our history and culture. Reflecting the strengths that have led to our unique culture and sense of place, the story may be part of our lesser-known history and/or known but deserving of wider understanding and recognition.  Nominate Now

New Wave Leadership Award
The marine industry currently offers a more diverse range of career opportunities for young people than ever before. Attracting new talent is essential to its long-term success. The Next Wave Leadership Award was established by the Memorial University of NL, Marine Institute, to recognize the importance of our youth to this sector, and highlight those who are making waves. The award is given to a young professional under the age of 35 who has displayed great leadership qualities, and who has already made noteworthy contributions to the marine industry. As a natural ambassador for the industry, this individual’s early success should reinforce the opportunities available for our young people. Their energy and commitment will inspire others to pursue careers in the marine sector.  Nominate Now

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External Deadline: Friday 15th, April 2022