Petroleum Research invites expressions of interest to conduct a “State-of-the-Art Review of Ice Loads on Floating Structures” in support of a proposed Joint Industry Project (JIP) in this subject area. The objective of the JIP would be to advance the JIP participants’ level of knowledge about global ice loads on floating structures to improve station-keeping performance during operations in ice-prone environments.  

Advancing industry’s knowledge of global ice load levels, ice interaction behaviours and vessel responses for floating platforms’ station-keeping in pack ice would enable better definition of hazardous ice situations and development of strategies and technologies to mitigate the effect of ice forces during drilling and production operations.

Considerable R&D work on this topic has been conducted in the past, and model test data and some limited full scale data is available. However, more effort may be required to advance the knowledge base regarding the magnitude and time dependent behaviour of ice loads on floating structures, in both unmanaged and managed pack ice conditions.  This JIP may culminate in the collection of full-scale data from a floating structure in pack ice to reduce uncertainties and/or validate assumptions associated with current methodologies for system design.

Petroleum Research, by means of this call for EOI, is seeking qualified R&D Service Providers (Service Providers) to receive the RFP and to submit proposals to conduct a State-of-the-Art Review of Ice Loads on Floating Structures as Phase I of this JIP. Successful selection for contract award will consist of agreement by key industry funders on an acceptable Phase I project proposal, to include project goals, plan of execution and costs. The selected Service Provider (and their stated partners, consultant(s) and/or sub-contractor(s) where used) will be expected to execute the scope of work from a base of operations in Newfoundland and Labrador; either their own or that of a local partner.

Scope of Work

The final scope of work for the State-of-the-Art Review is pending agreement of project sponsors, but will in general include identifying, reviewing and documenting all accessible and relevant data and design methodologies concerning global ice loads and vessel responses for floating structures. This will include pertinent information from existing full scale test data and model tests, and data generated by analytical/numerical model simulation.  The Service Provider will be expected to provide commentary relative to pros and cons of data/methodologies in terms of their ability to predict station-keeping performance in both managed and unmanaged pack ice conditions. The Service Provider will also be expected to provide recommendations for the next steps of the JIP.

In order to qualify for consideration for this work, candidate Service Providers must demonstrate proven capability and experience in the following areas:

(a)    Engineering, design and/or R&D related to ice loads on floating structures, particularly those employed for oil and gas drilling and production;

(b)   Operations and risk management for offshore oil and gas facilities in ice-prone regions;

(c)    Provision of research/consulting services such as literature and data reviews, synthesis , assessment of design methodologies, and relevant report preparation; and

(d)   Project management and execution for major oil and gas clients.

Submission Requirements

Interested Service Providers must be qualified to conduct the work as outlined in the Scope of Work above and are asked to demonstrate their capabilities and experiences (and the capabilities and experiences of their stated partners, consultant(s)/sub-contractor(s) where used) by submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to perform this Scope of Work.  The submission must be of adequate detail to allow Petroleum Research to evaluate the Service Provider’s ability to perform the services described. The submission, at a minimum, must address:

(a) the name, address and contact information for your company;

(b) a brief company profile (maximum 1 page);

(c) contact information (name, telephone, fax and e-mail) for the company’s nominated representative for the project;

(d) the name(s) of the principal consultant(s) and key team members who will be involved in the study, as well as any university, institute, company or other affiliations, including the specific function(s) and/or task(s) for which they will be responsible;

(e) an overview of the relevant experience/expertise of your company and partners, consultant(s)/sub-contractor(s) named in the submission (maximum 4 pages);

(f) a brief description of similar project(s), task(s) or studies conducted for previous clients, including those projects of partners, consultant(s)/sub-contractor(s) that may be used (maximum 3 pages); and

(g) a brief overview of your current Environmental Safety and Social Responsibility and Quality Management Systems (maximum 1 page total).

Petroleum Research will evaluate the responses received and develop a final group of Service Providers who will be sent an electronic copy of the RFP by e-mail and asked to submit a formal proposal. Petroleum Research reserves the right to make the final determination of which Service Providers will receive the RFP and which will be awarded the final contract. Participation in this EOI, including any statements whether oral or written between Petroleum Research, or its member organizations, and your company shall not create or be deemed to create any legal relationship or contract, or be construed to do so between Petroleum Research, or its member organizations, and your company.

Finally, it should be clearly understood that responding to this EOI may or may not result in the issuance of a RFP to your company and may or may not result in the award of a contract. Further, it should be clearly understood that if you respond to this EOI and your company is selected to be on the RFP distribution list that your company name and contact information may be posted on public websites. Similarly, if you are selected for award, the same information may also be posted indicating that the contract has been awarded to your company.

To access the Expressions of Interest, please visit our website or or click here.

Responses must be submitted electronically to Charles Smith at  

Subject line: EOI – State-of-the-Art Review of Ice Loads on Floating Structures JIP,

Deadline: 1700 hours NST, Mon., Oct. 1, 2012. Late submissions will not be accepted.