Resource rich, strikingly beautiful and positioned between some of the world’s largest trading blocs, the Arctic’s economic potential is still largely untapped. Harsh and inhospitable conditions have long been a natural barrier against development in the region. But a range of factors are combining to drive the expansion of maritime activity in the high north, including warming oceans, improving vessel technology, increased interest from the tourism sector and the depletion of easily accessible fossil fuel reserves elsewhere in the world.

Taking place on from the 17th – 19th October 2018 in Newfoundland in Canada, Arctic Shipping Forum North America is a two day conference dedicated to the latest regulatory and technological developments for within the Arctic region. The most comprehensive event of its kind available to the industry, ASF NA brings the international community of Arctic stakeholders together. Each year regulators, ship owners, technology providers and others attend the forum to network, get a feel for the state of the market, and discover solutions to the challenges facing the sector.

Alongside some of the topics of perennial importance to the industry, the 2018 event will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear from local communities on their concerns about the increase in Arctic shipping, and from operators on new logistics requirements and port facilities.

New for this year are 2 half day seminars on how to obtain a polar ship certificate and how to manage the challenges of emergency response, search and rescue in the Arctic.

Key Topics for 2018’s Arctic Shipping Forum North America:

  • Regulatory developments in the Canadian Arctic including progress with the Oceans Protection Plan and incorporating the Polar Code into Canada’s regulations.
  • The potential impact of China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ project on the Arctic
  • Commercial realities for shipping in the Arctic: climate change, ‘walk to work’ vessels, operating ferries and commercial vessels in ice.
  • Air emissions: preparing for the 2020 sulphur cap and assessing the viability of an HFO ban in the Arctic.
  • Analysis of the growth in Arctic cruising and managing the future of sustainable cruise tourism.
  • Developing low impact shipping corridors and increasing partnerships to monitor ship routing


Leading Speakers:

  • Jane Weldon, Director General, Marine Safety and Security at Transport Canada
  • Sampo Viheriälehto,  Chartering Manager at Arctia Ltd
  • Mikhail Grigoriev,  GECON
  • Edwin De Vries,  Director Wagenborg Projects & Logistics/Offshore at Wagenborg
  • LEE CARSON, Norstrat Consulting


Join more than fifty expert speakers and over one hundred and fifty industry professionals in Newfoundland this October for North America’s largest and most informative Arctic shipping conference.


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