More than 30 people turned up on Thursday, June 14, at the NRC Building to attend a networking lunch and presentations by project proponents for three very intriguing initiatives lead by MUN’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and funded mainly by ACOA’s Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF).

Presentations included project overview, research objectives, and in at least one case preliminary results and outreach opportunities, for SEAformatics; Intelligent Sensor Platforms; and Responsive Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Localization and Mapping (REALM).

To view the SEAformatics presentation by Principal Investigator Dr. Vlastimil Masek and Project Manager Andrew Cook, which includes project overview, research objectives, and preliminary results, CLICK HERE

To view the Intelligent Sensor Platforms presentation by Principal Investigator Dr. Nick Krouglic of and Project Manager Dr. Kaaren May. which includes project overview, research objectives, and industrial outreach opportunities of the Mechatronic Development and Prototyping Facility, CLICK HERE.

To view the REALM presentation by Project Manager Mr. Ron Lewis, which included project overview and industrial outreach opportunities with Marine Environmental Research Laboratory for Intelligent Vehicles (MERLIN) CLICK HERE.

The session also included an overview of the AIF Round 2012 Request for Letters of Intent and project proposals. To view the AIF presentation CLICK HERE. Representatives from other funding and partnering organizations, such as the Research Development Corporation (RDC), the Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development (IBRD), the National Research Council (NRC), and Memorial were also at the session. The event was supported by the NATI Ocean Technology Commercialization project.