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Skyhawk Telematics

Incorporated in 2003, Blue Oceans Satellite Systems Inc. operating as SkyHawk Telematics (SkyHawk) is a provider of cellular and satellite data communication monitoring systems for commercial and government sectors. SkyHawk currently employees 29 full-time staff and its corporate head office is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, with other offices located in Oakville Ontario, Red Deer Alberta and Cincinnati Ohio..

The initial product development focus for the company was directed toward the marine sector and specifically vessel monitoring systems (VMS) for the commercial fishing sector.

Leveraging the core satellite communication and web-based reporting solutions Skyhawk has since adapted and expanded its solution offerings for several new  markets including vehicle telematics, high value asset tracking, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, explosive magazine monitoring, explosive materials transportation monitoring, and remote data monitoring applications.

SkyHawk products deliver on the “Connect Anywhere” philosophy by utilizing the world’s most reliable global commercial satellite and cellular networks. Core innovative product offerings including cellular and satellite modems as well as cloud based data servers enable sophisticated web-based communications that relay information to and from in-field assets anywhere in the world.

Furthermore SkyHawk product and solution offerings are designed to meet National and International regulatory and environmental requirements for the industries in which they operate.

A leading provider of Internet-based GPS tracking and monitoring solutions SkyHawk Telematics has provided cost effective and highly reliable solutions to prominent companies and governmental organizations around the world. We commit to the delivery of highly reliable, responsive and effective solutions that not only meet and exceed our client’s current requirements, but provide flexibility for future enhancements and expansion.

Additional core activities include:

  • Telecommunications and satellite communications
  • Analytics,
  • Machine learning
  • Applied AI