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qualiTEAS ​​Inc.

Next-generation approach towards corrosion mitigation

Our service is equipped with spectroscopy and microscopy techniques, which can detect corrosion with both qualitatively and quantitatively with a pro-active and chemical approach. Thus, we offer more accurate analysis of the corrosion.
We are specialized in:
1. Corrosion rate determination and further impact of corrosion on the material, which allow us to offer precise asset monitoring timeline.
2. We are also corrosion mitigation consultant by advising correct coating technology or corrosion inhibitors.
3. We monitor post coating application on the material in order to keep tracking the survival of the coating over time.
In addition, we have access to X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) in order to achieve a complete corrosion analysis. Therefore, we can provide better mitigation strategies to save your equipment from corrosion.