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PETRA International

PETRA International provides consulting expertise in ocean sciences to the ocean technology sector. The primary focus is marine geoscience consulting associated with continental shelf and continental slope seafloor mapping, geohazard and hydrographic surveys with experience in the Canadian Arctic, Canadian east coast, Gulf of Mexico, Near East and the Far East.

PETRA has specialist knowledge of seafloor ice scour by icebergs and sea ice as an operational threat to seafloor infrastructure, and also undertakes a wide range of projects in ocean technology from creating concepts for a partnership in ocean observing systems to the feasibility of using meltwater from icebergs and from seafloor freshwater springs as a bulk source of fresh water.

Ocean Technology Markets: Offshore Oil and Gas; Defense and Security; Environmental Science
Core Technology Competencies: Environmental Science
Cluster Affiliation: Supporting Company
Percentage of Annual Revenues from Ocean Technology Activities: 100