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Oceans Ltd.

Oceans Ltd. is a 100 percent Atlantic Canadian ocean research and technology company created in 1981 in order to provide physical oceanographic services to the offshore industry. Since that time, the company has diversified substantially by offering a variety of other services all remaining with the company's original premise of providing marine expertise. This includes iceberg profiling, weather forecasting and climatology, dispersion modeling, wind and wave extreme value analysis, physical oceanography, environmental effects bio-monitoring and seaweed research. The company maintains offices in St. John's, Newfoundland and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Oceans Ltd. has a diverse staff of employees that includes engineers, physical oceanographers, meteorologists, biochemists, and biologists. This enables the company to design and develop innovative products and allows continual improvement of its services and products through advanced research and development.

Additional information:

Oceans Ltd. aims to facilitate offshore operations in diverse sectors, as well as conduct research into oceans-related technology to improve existing services. Oceans Ltd. offers extensive knowledge and experience of the unique offshore environment in Newfoundland & Labrador, combining custom-built technology with human expertise to achieve accuracy and reliability. Oceans Ltd. offers services applicable to many industries, including oil & gas, defense, towing, search & rescue and environmental research.

Additional key products include:

  • Oceanographic Data Collection & Analysis Services
  • Marine Weather Forecasting Services