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Journal of Ocean Technology

The Journal of Ocean Technology is an independent quarterly periodical published by the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, designed to cater to all segments of the global ocean technology community. This international publication serves as a medium to discuss, debate, and promote developments in the ocean technology sector. Each issue addresses scientific, technical, commercial, and regulatory challenges and opportunities in a particular themed area and promotes innovation that contributes to responsible ocean utilization and management.

Composed of three sections, the JOT offers full coverage for the oceans community. In addition to a number of columns and special features, the JOT includes the following regular sections: educational and informative essays; peer-reviewed open access technical papers on science, technology, and engineering; and Spindrift - one-on-one interviews with leading experts; looks at the past and future of a specific themed area; and shares news and other interesting information.

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