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Afonso Group

Afonso Group was formed in 1969 as a commercial diving company and, although the company has diversified its operations, diving continues as an important division within the company. The diving division provides a full range of services, from vessel repair and maintenance to challenging offshore‐ related assignments, with an emphasis on safe and environmentally responsible operations. The professional diving team at Afonso Group is well‐versed in modern diving technology and techniques, and uses the latest equipment available.

Afonso provides diving services for the offshore and inshore marine sectors, such as habitat surveys, construction and ship repair. Much of Afonso’s work offshore involves the inspection of rigs ‐ for example, the valves, and this includes some ROV work. Afonso is noted for adapting equipment and processes in innovative ways. For example, for valve inspection work on rigs, the valves can be inspected from inside out using special packing glands to run cameras and do cleaning.

Additional Information:

Afonso Group consists of four divisions: Pipe Cleaning, Pipe Inspection, Commercial Diving and oil and gas. Each division appears vastly different in fact they complement each other to form a dynamic group to service needs of customer base that range from house hold to offshore installation to everything in between.