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Whitecap Scientific Corporation

Whitecap Scientific Corporation’s Recon software makes it easy for world’s largest offshore oil and gas companies to make faster, more informed decisions about their subsea operations. It does this by transforming the subsea video already being collected by remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) into real-time 3D data. Access to 3D data enables subsea teams to extract actionable information more efficiently and to support their decisions with measurable rather than subjective data.

Whitecap Scientific was founded in 2011. Our mission is to make it easy to extract actionable information from raw sensor data. Our first product, ROV3D Recon allows oil and gas engineers to make more informed decisions about their subsea operations by transforming conventional subsea video into 3D data that can be visualized, measured, and shared in real-time.

Our software is licensed through our global distribution partner, who delivers hardware systems running our software to customers. We provide solutions to Offshore Oil&Gas, Offshore Wind, and the US and Canadian Navies. No other solution exists for live 3D reconstruction of underwater scenes from conventional at-hand camera systems. Our spatial cross-referencing technology for linking 3D models to source data for review, data management, and collaboration is patent protected.

  • Subsea Inspection Technologies
  • Data management