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Provincial Aerospace (PAL)

Provincial Aerospace (PAL) is a global leader in aerospace and defence, providing highly tailored airborne and maritime surveillance solutions: from custom aircraft design and modification, to mission system design and integration, to mission operations, training and support. PAL has 35 solid years of fixed wing operations experience and 25 years of surveillance experience, flying over 135,000 hours and 20,000 incident-free missions worldwide for government, military and industry clientele, in the harshest maritime climates around the world.

Business areas for PAL include maritime domain awareness: search and rescue, maritime security, sovereignty, fisheries monitoring, environmental and ice management, pollution detection and monitoring, drug interdiction and smuggling, customs and immigration patrol, disaster relief, general law enforcement.

Products and services include:

  • extended range fuel systems
  • night-time photography systems
  • drop hatch capabilities
  • airborne tactical data management systems
  • ground based secure mission data repositories
  • wide area based mission data distribution and access systems
  • mission operations management software
  • special mission aircraft
  • domestic and foreign ownership/operation
  • turn-key sales
  • aeronautical engineering (avionics and structures)
  • aircraft modification
  • mission systems integration
  • software engineering
  • airborne surveillance aircraft operation
  • component fabrication
  • airworthiness certification
  • aircrew and maintenance training
  • in-country technical and logistics support
  • environmental and ice management services

Ocean Technology Markets: Offshore Oil and Gas; Fisheries and Aquaculture, Defence and Security; Environmental Science

Core Technology Competencies: Autonomous Systems, Intelligent Systems, Robotics; Information Systems, Sensors, Communications; Environmental Science

Cluster Affiliation: Core Company

Percentage of Annual Revenues from Ocean Technology Activities: 75