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Memorial University – Department of Ocean Sciences – Ocean Sciences Centre

The OSC is a major facility for marine research on the Atlantic coast, and is one of Canada’s largest marine laboratories. By virtue of its location, the department provides Canadian and international scientists and students access to the flora and fauna of the northwest Atlantic Ocean and is uniquely situated for shore-based studies of the cold-ocean processes and subarctic, Arctic and deep-sea organisms.

A strategic goal of the OSC is to carry out world-class research that focuses on organisms and processes in cold oceans, and to provide high quality educational and training opportunities, particularly at the graduate level. Research areas include physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology; biological and chemical oceanography; behavioural and population ecology; and aquaculture and fisheries.

Ocean Technology Markets: Fisheries and Aquaculture; Environmental Science

Core Technology Competencies: Environmental Science; Other

Cluster Affiliation: Research unit of Memorial University.

Percentage of Annual Revenues from Ocean Technology Activities: 100