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While the offshore energy industry is strongly supported, there has been a long-recognized need for a unified voice representing the other ocean science and technology industry sectors. That voice is the International Ocean Science and Technology Industry Association.

The IOSTIA Mission Statement

The International Ocean Science & Technology Industry Association (IOSTIA) shall provide programs and services that create new opportunities and encourage a favorable business environment for ocean science and technology companies who explore and sustainably utilize the earth’s oceans.

The IOSTIA Vision Statement

IOSTIA will strive to become the preeminent industry-association voice for the non-energy related ocean science and technology business sectors. IOSTIA will accomplish this by offering members a focused

About US

The International Ocean Science & Technology Industry Association (IOSTIA) was founded in 2017 as a 501(c)(6) trade association to provide a voice for companies involved in the various ocean science and technology business sectors primarily outside of the oil and gas industry.

  • Provide programs and services focused on advancing the business needs and opportunities of companies in the ocean science and technology industry
  • Maintain a strong lobbying presence in Washington by being the advocate for IOSTIA members before Congress and the Executive Branch. Through our lobbying activities we:
    • Influence industry-related policy decisions
    • Assist with government business development
    • Build brand equity with elected officials, policy leaders and decision makers
    • Facilitate member access to regulatory and legislative processes
  • Work in concert with the Department of Commerce and Department of State and other key agencies to address international trade issues affecting the sale and utilization of ocean technologies
  • Promote the blue economy and its broad and meaningful impact on the US economy and internationally.
  • Cultivate industry relationships that create and advance business opportunities for IOSTIA members
  • Help member companies expand internationally through IOSTIA programs.