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GRI Simulations

GRI Simulations Inc. (GRI) is a software development company focused on real-time simulation, modeling, and visualization for critical marine activities. GRI’s first product was the Virtual Remotely Operated Vehicle (VROV) Simulator System that was designed as an instructional tool to be incorporated into existing ROV Pilot training programs. It applies the technologies of Virtual Reality and dynamic physical modeling to generate realistic, scenario-based ROV simulations.

The implementation of the VROV mission creation technologies in a field layout design application created an Interactive Design, Engineering and Analysis Field Development Kit (IDEA-FDK). GRI is installing the components of pipeline repair and well response toolkits for the use of projects in environmental response planning and training.

The IDEA-FDK augments existing technology to allow Field Development Teams to integrate commonly used engineering packages within the virtual simulation. They can create user-friendly data manipulation capability to develop field designs from data sets and facilitate its use in 3D simulation, visualization, and animation applications.

We are GRi Simulations. Our mission is to provide highly complex and accurate marine simulation. We offer the most in-depth and complex procedural training and subsea planning/rehearsal simulation applications for ROV operations, control system development, and oil and gas field planning. Our point of difference is in the fidelity of our graphics and physics models, which allows multiple vehicles to interact simultaneously in user-generated digital environments.