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Fugro GeoSurveys Inc.

Fugro Geosurveys Inc., formerly Fugro Jacques Geosurveys Inc., was formed in 1992 to enable the company to respond to the growing demands of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry. Fugro Geosurveys is part of Fugro – the world’s largest integrated geotechnical, survey and geosciences company.

Fugro Geosurveys is a professional service company that provides a broad range of marine services, such as seafloor mapping, geotechnical, geological/seismic and hydrographic surveys, integrated navigation/positioning and industrial surveys on land, in the air, or in the oceans. Fugro Geosurveys has supplied key survey services to the majority of Canada’s East Coast marine projects.

Fugro GeoSurveys provides expertise and services to a broad client base. The company utilizes the latest in data capture software and hardware, high precision DGPS/DGNSS positioning, seabed and seismic mapping systems, hydrographic mapping tools, geotechnical rigs, CPTs and coring equipment, acoustic subsea positioning and a host of other marine survey technologies. A full range of GIS/CAD and other map and mosaic generation software is used for map generation, processing and reporting.

  • Geophysical/Seismic Surveys
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Precise Surface and Sub-Surface Integrated Navigation and Positioning
  • Seabed and Sub-Seabed Geological Mapping
  • Hydrographic Investigations
  • Integrated Desk Studies and GIS
  • Processing, Reporting and Mapping