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We’re a non-profit

Island Rooms is a sanctuary for people willing to learn, and get their mitts dirty with the experience that’s sustained generations of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. Fishing for Success is stationed in the beautiful Petty Harbour, traditionally a thriving fishing village, now a protected fishing area


Tours allow come-from-aways, and locals a-like to get close to an iceberg, see a whale, puffin, seal, catch their first fish, or 100th. We know all experiences are made better with food, and everything tastes better when you catch it yourself.


Our year-round programming for youth, women, and immigrants encourage our visitors to form their own bonds with Nature, through purposeful and practical experiences of fishing, gathering, gardening, etc. Empowering the community, and youth to make decisions about their future, the way they want to live, and perhaps make a living.