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eSonar Inc.

E-Sonar conducts research and development for the fisheries, marine, aquaculture and offshore oil and gas industries, and develops equipment for hydrographic survey and environmental monitoring. The company specializes in persistent, low-power, battery operated subsea equipment with a focus on underwater acoustic technology. In addition to developing its own products, E-Sonar provides custom product development and software services to associated marine and subsea industries. E-Sonar’s primary product line comprises integrated trawl management (net monitoring) systems that acoustically telemetry data back to the vessel, including Digital Acoustic Receivers, Hull Mounted Hydrophones, Towed Hydrophones, Digital Sounders, Linear Catch Sensors, Door Spread Sensors, Wing Spread Sensors, Headline Height Sensors, Multi-function Sensors (Depth, Temperature, Pitch And Roll), Grid Sensors and Bottom Contact Sensors.

E-Sonar is a subsea sensor design company bringing the latest in microprocessor technology and power management to subsea instruments. We make long-life, persistent solutions that can sense and telemeter custom data back to a nearby vessel or platform by reliable acoustic methods. Using our proprietary synthetic underwater housings rated to 2000m, we employ rugged design methodologies and the latest microprocessor types that when warranted, can reduce power demand to no more than that of a quartz watch, yielding outstanding results. Our low-level software and firmware capabilities include everything from programmable logic to network processors. Our high-level software capabilities include user signal processing, interface, control, monitoring, data collection and storage, data display and visualization. We work with the fishing industry, shipboard marine industries, offshore oil and gas, aquaculture, and autonomous underwater vehicles. Consider E-Sonar’s engineers, software specialists, technologists and technicians to deliver your next commercial designs for subsea applications.

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