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Engage Creative Technologies


We are a cutting-edge digital tech firm focused on creating value-added digital solutions that reshape reality and allow humans to harness the power of technology. We use our suite of proprietary solutions, together with leading-edge user experience and design principles, to develop visualization and augmented reality / mixed reality technologies for a broad range of applications.


Extended Reality

At Engage Creative Technologies, we provide full turnkey Extended Reality (XR) solutions, suited to your specific needs. Utilizing both wearable AR and mobile AR technology, we will tailor make your solution in a way that will:

  • Decreases interaction costs
  • Reduces reliance on spatial reasoning
  • Reduces user’s cognitive load
  • Combines multiple sources of information
  • Minimizes attention switches

Custom Development

We provide a full range of immersive technology services to empower your business! Whether you need a mobile or web application, database development, network architecture and administration, or any other custom solution, our team will make it happen.


The future is about bringing information together, so that users can take full advantage of data without having to interpret pages upon pages of text, or old-school charts. Our proprietary dataVUE software is a data-fusion platform that combines multiple inputs and synthesizes metadata to produce more consistent, accurate, and useful information. That information can be ported to a variety of platforms, from classic information systems to emerging technologies like XR.