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C-CORE is a Canadian ISO 9001-registered R&D organization established in 1975 and headquartered in St. John’s, NL.

With unparalleled harsh-environment expertise and world-leading technical capability in Remote Sensing, Ice Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering, C-CORE provides research-based advisory services and technology solutions to help clients mitigate operational risk in harsh environments and to address security, sustainability and safety issues related to their regulatory and operating needs worldwide.

C-CORE’s staff of 80 scientists, engineers, and other professionals have worked on every continent for clients in the resource development and energy sectors, defence and civil government sectors, space agencies, and the aerospace sector. Its ice engineering team leads the world in ice/infrastructure risk assessments and ice management. Its geotechnical team is a leader in soil/infrastructure risk assessments. Its remote sensing team analyzes data from a wide range of radar and optical satellites for target/feature detection and classification, change detection, and ground/infrastructure deformation.

C-CORE is home to LOOKNorth, a Canadian national Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research dedicated to remote sensing innovation in support safe, sustainable development and transportation in and for the North, and to the Centre for Arctic Resource Development (CARD), an industry-guided initiative that pursues medium to long-term R&D aimed at responsible, cost-effective development of hydrocarbons in ice-prone regions.

  • Ice Engineering – ice environment characterization; ice loading and ice risk assessment; sea ice and iceberg monitoring; ice management planning, tools and systems.
  • Geotechnical Engineering – Offshore geotechnics; offshore and onshore geohazard assessment; soil–structure interaction of pipelines and risers; ice–seabed interaction; permafrost and cold region foundation engineering; numerical simulation and analysis; centrifuge and full-scale modelling; instrumentation and laboratory testing; risk assessment.
  • Earth Observation – Satellite-based monitoring of marine environments for ice and metocean conditions, oil slicks and seeps, target detection and domain awareness; sensor data processing and analysis.
  • Remote Sensing Systems – Advanced machine vision and adaptive pattern recognition systems, intelligent sensor and control systems, and innovative robotic and telerobotic systems.
  • C-CORE also operates offices in Ottawa, ON and Halifax, NS.

Ocean Technology Markets: Offshore Oil and Gas; Defence and Security

Core Technology Competencies: Intelligent Systems, Remote Sensing Intelligent Systems, Sensors and Communications; Vessel and Platform Engineering; Risk Management and Loss Control

Cluster Affiliation: Research and development corporation operating as a Separately Incorporated Entity (SIE) under Memorial University.

Percentage of Annual Revenues from Ocean Technology Activities: 60