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7 Fathoms Seaweed Skin Care & Extracts

7 Fathoms is a Canadian seaweed extract company. We develop novel, high quality green marine bio-active extracts from sustainably harvested Newfoundland seaweed. Our two extracts are from the brown macro algae species Laminaria digitata and Fucus vesiculosus. Both of these extracts have application potential in high functioning skincare and functional food products.

The vision for our company is to continue to grow our line of seaweed extracts as well as multi-functional skin care and functional food products from our highly bioactive extracts. The same extract that can help to reduce inflammation on the skin can also help to promote a healthy gut lining, reduce inflammation and potentially have impact on conditions like Crohn’s disease. The seaweed-based skin care and food products together can have synergistic effects, help promote a healthy gut-skin axis and have impact on major health conditions.