The January issue of the Houston-based E&P Magazine devoted to international petroleum exploration and production has once again taken notice of the Newfoundland and Labrador ocean technology cluster.  In the special staff report “New Technologies Will Change the Industry,” the final section on technology with applications in the Arctic includes a photograph and explanation of an R&D project now underway at Memorial University. The text reads as follows:

“Developing a toolset for designing ships and offshore structures for year-round Arctic operations is the focus of Sustainable Technology for Polar Ships and Structures (STEPS2), a US $7.2 million five-year applied R&D project at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Ice-crushing tests in a double-pendulum apparatus (currently being built) will create impact forces up to 5 meganewtons at speeds to 15 knots. The pressure distribution will be measured by a high-impact module provided by the National Research Council – Institute for Ocean Technology. Industry partners include Husky Energy Inc., ABS, Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd, Rolls-Royce Marine, and BMT Fleet Technology. ”

This information was submitted to E&P Magazine by ocean technology writer Andrew Safer through the Ocean Technology Media Program funded by the City of St. John’s and Department of Innovation, Business and Rural Development.

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PHOTO: Members of the STEPS2 team posing with prototype equipment. (Courtesy of Memorial University of Newfoundland).