When Brian Chafe helped sell PAL Group to a Winnipeg firm, it was so he could create a stronger local company. He includes employees and clients in his definition of family— and invests in them and their communities accordingly. And, he’s determined to take PAL Group into the stratosphere of aviation and aerospace defense by staying firmly grounded in Newfoundland and Labrador. Yes, Chafe’s career has been one of consistent growth for PAL, but also of doing the right thing, for the right reasons— proving once and for all that big business can have a big heart. 


PAL, the brand umbrella for the legal entity known as Provincial Aerospace Ltd., was definitely a worthy prize. Though Newfoundland-birthed-and headquartered, it was also a globally evolving $185-milliona- year company whose various moving pieces now numbered not only a successful scheduled regional airline and an aviation services division, but also an innovative aerospace unit with worldwide sky’s-the-limit potential. To make the company an even more attractive prize, PAL had announced only the month before that it had teamed up with Airbus Defence and Space to bid on a lucrative, long-term Canadian government contract to replace this country’s aging fleet of fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft.

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Courtesy of Atlantic Business Magazine