ADIANL in cooperation with ACOA (Mike Howley/Scott Courish) and Gov NL/IBRD (Gillian Chatman) are hosting a small business delegation from Virginia, U.S. 

Coordinated in the U.S. by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), the group is interested in learning more about the NL business/technology environment and the local companies working in the areas of marine security, sustainable technologies, information technologies, and learning more about NL ocean technology initiatives. See the file attachments at the end of this profile for the agenca and list of American participants.

During the morning of Tuesday, 5 Nov. ADIANL and its partners will provide a sketch of the technology development, capabilities and initiatives and how these are coordinated between the two levels of governments and the respective Associations here in NL. OceansAdvance is included among the associations invited to make a 20 – 30 min presentation at the session about its mandate and its members.

The Tuesday afternoon session is open to the local business and research community. It will begin with an overview of the VEDP after which each of the visiting companies will provide five-minute briefing sessions. Based on the Tuesday morning and afternoon sessions, there may be an opportunity to conduct B2B meetings later that day, in addition to the planned B2B meetings sessions the next day, Wednesday, 6 Nov.

ADIANL is preparing a final Visitor List to pass on to OceansAdvance members and others who might be able to take advantage by a visit by this group.  Once OceansAdvance has this list it will be forwarded to members and posted to the website so that those interested in the 5 Nov afternoon session or one-on-one meetings can make an informed decision about their participation.

CONTACT: Willis Jacobs, Executive Director, Aerospace and Defence Industry Association of NL
Office: 709-237-7340 | Cell: 709-685-2566 |