Canada Business Newfoundland and Labrador provides you with the opportunity to speak with business management consultants, business coaches, lawyers, accountants, financial representatives, marketing specialists, etc, who volunteer their time to discuss your business concerns whether you are thinking about starting up or have been in business for 50 years.

CBNL has full line up of Guest Advisors this month including a session with newest Guest Advisor, Karla Hayward, on Digital Marketing. Book a half-hour appointment today to chat with Karla to learn how your small business can make the most of digital and social media streams. Or book with the other advisors if those areas are more relevant to you at this point in the life of your business.

 Here’s the upcoming schedule:

BUSINESS FINANCIAL PLANNING ADVISORY SESSIONS: Monday, 19 March, Ian Barrett, Financial Consultant with Investors Group.

MARKETING ADVISORY SESSIONS: Tuesday, 20 March with Karla Hayward, Senior Director of Reach at M5 Marketing Communications.

BANKING ADVISORY SESSIONS: Wednesday, 21 March, Marian Templeton, Senior Account Manager of the Royal Bank of Canada.

ACCOUNTING ADVISORY SESSIONS: Thursday, 22 March, John Dearin, Accountant from Business Management Services Inc.

LEGAL ADVISORY SESSIONS: Friday, 23 March, David S. Williams, Lawyer with O’Dea Earle.

Many thanks to all of our volunteer advisors!

Appointments can be arranged in person in St. John’s at 90 O’Leary Ave. AIndividual sessions generally are half an hour and at no cost to you!

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call 1-888-576-4444 or email to book your appointment!