DATE: March 21, 2013

TIME 1: 8:30 – 10 am: Speakers Series Presention

TIME 2: 10:30 am – 4:30 pm: Suppliers Forum

LOCATION: Atlantic Room, National Research Council, 1 Arctic Avenue, St. John’s, Newfoundland

REGISTRATION: Opening Soon – visit for updates.

COST OF REGISTRATION: $25 for non-members, free for Marine Renewables Canada members

The growing marine renewable energy sector offers a unique opportunity for Canada to become a leader in providing solutions, systems, and expertise to the world market. An array of skills, supplies and services are needed to service the industry including marine scientists and engineers, mechanical and electrical technicians, vessels, sensory instruments, divers, steel fabrication, manufacturing and supporting expertise such as insurance, legal, transportation, and financial services.

With a rich tradition of offshore and marine industries, many skills and services are present in the Atlantic region that can support the emerging marine renewable energy industry, helping to establish a productive supply chain that will create new economic opportunities.

The day will begin with annother of the popular Speaker Series events jointly sponsored by OceansAdvance and the City of St. John’s.  This presentation as well as the forum to follow immediately thereafter will be focused on the state of the marine renewable energy sector–globally and in Canada. And the presenters will provide attendees with an opportunity to learn more about how and why to get involved. By attending this event, you will:

  • Learn more about the current state of the marine renewable energy sector in Canada and globally.
  • Identify new business opportunities in the sector.
  • Evaluate potential to expand into this new sector.

To learn more about potential business opportunities presented by the marine renewable energy sector in Atlantic Canada, please view our background discussion paper here.

Contact: For more information about this event, please contact Amanda White at or (902) 717-0716

Agenda to follow.