ISOTC67/SC8 – The Development of International Standards for Oil and Gas Operations

in Arctic and Cold Region Environments

Thursday, March 22

8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m


NRC – Ocean Coastal and River Engineering – MUN Campus

To register contact: kassandra.sharron@oceansadvance.net

By Tuesday, March 20 

Canada is currently taking part in ISOTC67/SC8 – The development of international standards for oil and gas operations in Arctic and cold region environments, with support from CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and SCC (Standards Council of Canada).  The standards being developed include:

  • Ice Management – Lead, Canada;
  • Working Environment;
  • Environmental Monitoring;
  • Escape, Evacuation, and Rescue;
  • Material Requirements for  Arctic; and,
  • Meteocean, Ice and Seabed Data.

As these standards are nearing completion, and Canada is determining if they will be accepted nationally, this talk will outline what each standard is proposing with more specific detail on Ice Management, which Canada is leading.  This talk will provide companies and agencies with an introduction of ISO standards that could be utilized in our offshore oil & gas industry.  There are currently 11 participating countries, including;

  • Canada;
  • Finland;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Republic of Korea;
  • Netherlands;
  • Norway;
  • Russian Federation; and,
  • The United States.

Stephen Green has degrees in Physics, Civil Engineering and Meteorology plus holds numerous offshore certifications.   Mr. Green is the Director of Research & Development for PALaerospace.  He has over 20 years of experience in the oil & gas, arctic and research & development sectors. 

He is the Canadian Chair for the ISO/TC67/SC8 where he manages all of Canada’s contributions by providing oversight for the sub-groups for the development of Operational Oil & Gas Standards for the Arctic & Harsh Environments.  In addition, he is the International Project Leader for the ISO/TC67/SC8/ Working Group 4, for Development of Operational Arctic, and Harsh Environment, ISO Ice Management Standards and the Canadian Federal Government Liaison to the Russian ISO/TC67/SC8 Committee for the Development of Environmental Monitoring Arctic oil & gas ISO Standards. 

In addition, Mr. Green a Director of ISO/TC67 the Standardization of the materials, equipment and offshore structures used in the drilling, production, transport by pipelines and processing of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons within the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.

Mr. Green is leading the Canadian Team at the forefront of preparing for the development of a new international standard on oil spill response for Arctic and cold region environments. The Canadian team will be working closely with relevant international stakeholders, including the Russian Federation, to help ensure a common international standard applicable to Arctic and cold region environments.