Finding your desktop light on computing power, storage, memory? Trying to model something, understand your data, develop a product? In need of a fast, simple, and secure way to collaborate with your distributed team?

Michele Fash and Oliver Stueker of ACENET are providing an information session on how high performance, GPU, and big data advanced computing resources can help you overcome some of these challenges.

ACENET is a consortium of post-secondary institutions in Atlantic Canada. It provides researchers, industry collaborators, and eligible companies access to regional and national advanced computing infrastructure through their desktop, expertise, support and training. Advanced computing involves using state-of-the-art computing infrastructure, high speed networks and software to address problems that are too large or complex for a desktop computer, typically computationally and/or data intensive.

Join us in this information session on March 2nd, 2017 to learn about the resources available through ACENET, and how they might be beneficial to you.

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To register for this event email: or call Melanie at (709) 738-7059