DATE:December 13

TIME: 3:00 p.m.

LOCATION: NRC Building, Arctic Avenue

OceansAdvance is holding its Annual General Meeting and Election for the Board of  Directors at the National Research Council Building (Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering [OCRE] formerly known as IOT) on Arctic Avenue, MUN Campus.

Election of officers and General Business Meeting to be followed by networking social.

At the AGM the four nominees to the Board of Directors of OceansAdvance will fill the four vacant positions by acclamation.

The successful candidates are:
1.    Gary Dinn – PanGeo Subsea
2.    Jim Locke – NavSim Technologies
3.    Metzi Prince – Petroleum Research NL
4.    Dan Walker – Oceanic Consulting

Click on the name of a candidate to download brief biographies (PDF, 233 kb).
Stepping donwnfrom the board to create the vacancies are Barry Dawe – IBRD (formerly of Northern Radar), Ray Gosine – Memorial University, and Neil Riggs – Memorial University (formerly of Marport).  Gary Dinn is signing on for another term with the board.

For more information on the AGM or to preregister contactCatherine Hogan,Administrative Officer, OceansAdvance Inc.; ,Telephone: 709-738-7059