DATE: Sept. 29 – Oct. 5, 2013

LOCATION: Various venues in and around the City of St. John’s.

The City of St. John’s has issued an open invitation to ther Ocean Technology Sector to participate in the events and celebrations around the  Ocean Week 2013, the eleventh annual ocean week event and a lead up to next year’s hosting of the internation Oceans 2014 ITS/IEEE conference.

This year’s lineup of conferences, workshops and special events for Ocean Week recognizes the significance
of the ocean and oceans related industries, and highlights the City’s ongoing strategy to advance the oceans agenda and position St. John’s as aCity of Ocean Excellence.

Some of the conferences taking place throughout the week include the World Seafood Congress and an Arctic Shipping Forum. The full schedule of Ocean Week eventswill be posted to  the City Website. Click here.