DATE: Thursday, July 4
TIME: 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.
LOCATION: NRC Building – MUN Campus

The Town of Holyrood, OceansAdvance and the City of St. John’s cordially invite you to attend our next Ocean Technology Speaker Series

As you may be aware the Town of Holyrood has been busy developing the Oceans Holyrood Initiative.
There are so many exciting things happening in this Town over the last few years.
They have been working hard and steadfastly to develop OHI into a regional economic diversification program.
One of their goals is to partner with local OT companies, researchers and academics to advance this initiative and they plan to do so by working with the cluster and others to further ocean technology opportunities in their community.
So why not drop by and learn firsthand about the exciting things happening in Holyrood, get an overview of recent activity at the MI Marine Base and see what opportunities may exist for you or your group or Oganization in the Town of Holyrood.
Please rsvp no later than Wednesday, July 3 at noon.
Thanks and we hope to see you there !