Job or Profession? The dilemma of a maritime career. This thought-provoking keynote address by Philip Wake, Chief Executive of the Nautical Institute, will set the tone for a stimulating exploration of various facets of careers in marine transportation, all the way from recruitment to professionalization.

Be part of it! The Maritime Human Resources: Recruitment Solutions and Professional Development conference offers you an opportunity to be an active and collaborative participant in the formation and evaluation of leading edge initiatives, strategies, and concepts that will make waves in the marine transportation industry for years to come.

In this landmark conference, co-hosted by the Company of Master Mariners of Canada (CMMC) and the Council of Marine Professional Associates (COMPASS), recognized marine and strategic planning authorities invite you to:

  • examine newly-developed, innovative marine careers promotion initiatives
  • respond to many-sided panel discussion perspectives on recruitment best practices and diversity planning
  • assess the multifaceted issues related to bridging sea and shore-based career opportunities
  • consider a forward-looking concept for professionalization of marine certification, and
  • collaborate in the development of the final draft and implementation plan of a comprehensive Marine Transportation Human Resources Recruitment Strategy