DATE: NOV. 12 – 13, 2013


For decades in the Arctic has been attracting developers, conservationsists and governments as the concerns and ambitions of the international community related to factors/considerations such as: environment, geopolitics, strategy, and security.

More recently with shrinking Arctic ice leading to the pursuit of off-shore resources and the opening of northern shipping routes, over a relatively short period of time, maritime security considerations are blending with arctic security, topics that will be explored indepth at Maritime and Arctic Security 2013 (MAS 13

That is what makes MAS13 so timnely and relevant. With a focus on economic development, security and public safety, MAS13 will bring together organizations with a key role in the execution of maritime and arctic security: whether that role be Cultural, Research, Government Policy/Regulation, Education, Surveillance, Enforcement, and Technology Development/Application.

Who Should Attend

The MAS13 theme and program is applicable to VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers of:

Northern Business Development,
Arctic and Maritime R&D,
Country/Region Policy Makers,
Regulatory Agencies,
Arctic Ventures,
Arctic Communications,
Arctic Infrastructure Projects,
Maritime Commercial Interests,
Maritime Operational Management,
Academic debates
Scientific Community.

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or more information on MAS13, contact::

Willis Jacobs, Executive Director – ADIANL; t:709.237.7340,

Corinne St.Croix, ADIANL Operations Manager, t:709.237.7349