The #1 reason people quit their jobs is due to a poor relationship with their boss. This new generation, the Millennials, is no different. In fact, they value the relationship with their boss more than previous generations. See why the next generation is different and how to handle the flood of younger employees into the workplace. This course focuses on specific skills that managers at any level can use to improve the effectiveness of their changing work force.

This one-day workshop helps managers understand what defines a Millennial as well as the reasons that Millennials are important in the workforce. Managers will learn about the influence Millennials will hold as the workforce shifts and how the sizes of different generations will play a role. Managers will learn the three perceptual positions and practice seeing any situation from each of the three perspectives. Managers will practice applying their skills on case studies gathered from actual situations managers face.

• Build a professional an authentic relationship with the Millennial employee to gain   credibility with them
• Be positive when correcting the Millennials to avoid defensiveness and conflict
• Separate themselves from the often-harsh seeming communication style of Millennials     and not take things personally
• Harness the considerable imagination of the Millennials to solve problems and keep   them engaged
• Create the right rewards for a generation that has been recognized for every     achievement large and small
• Be flexible to allow for different working styles and focus more on results (what) than         how things are done
• Understand how the skills build on each other and practice applying them in challenging     situations in the workplace.



Location: CME Boardroom,90 O’Leary Avenue, Suite 207, St. John’s
Date: March 21, 2018 | Session Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Registration $399.00 CME Members, $499.00 Non-Members

Registration is Limited and Non-Refundable- Substitutions
For more information, contact: Leona O’Neill,   237-8712