The Technology Transfer and Commercialization Office (TTCO) and MCE have partnered to offer this workshop facilitated by Harvard lecturer, Permjot Valia.

This workshop is for those who are looking to gain the skill of pitching research ideas to funding agencies, industry partners, and other investors! It will help faculty members, graduate students, and other university researchers to focus on getting to the core message of their work and the change they want to create through their research activities.

In this highly immersive and engaging 90-minute workshop, participants will be walked through what funders and investors look for in research and how to bring together a compelling pitch around your area of expertise. Pitching is often thought of as a sales skill needed to raise funds or close a sales agreement. While this may be true in many instances, pitching, in its true sense is about being able to distill a complicated message into something powerful and easily understood by a large number of people. And it is about that message inspiring a call to action. That call could be to join your project, or to fund it, or to agree to trial it.

To join the workshop remotely join us here: A video of the event will be available after the event for viewing.

This is also a great opportunity for Graduate Students to get ready for the Mel Woodward Cup!

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