DATE: June 4 – 5, 2013

LOCATION: Astana, Kazakhstan

THEME: Bringing Focus to Harsh Weather Projects

EnergyWise is staging the Seventh  Annual Harsh Weather Summit on June forth and fifth, 2013.theme ‘Bringing Focus to Harsh Weather Projects.

 A key reason for bringing the Harsh Weather Summit to Kazakhstan is to ensure its close proximity to one of the most exciting project areas where Harsh Weather projects and technologies are being developed: the Caspian Sea Area.

Through the EnergyWise Arctic Platform we strive to bring together the best minds in the public/ private sectors so that trends can be explained, and compared with similar geographical areas. The emphasis is on conceptualization of ideas, process and strategy; not their technical implementations. Key issues include:

  • Highlighting latest Joint Industry Projects(JIPs)
  • Transportation and Infrastructural JIPs
  • Arctic Standards
  • Operating issues

Key areas of focus will be:

  • Caspian Sea Region (Kazakhstan)
  • Russian Federation
  • Canadian/USAA  Arctic Region
  • Greenland.

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 Program is attached. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. For registration please email:

FOR MORE INFOMATION: Gerard Kreeft, Managing Director, EnergyWise

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