From March 2–4, 2016, over 9,000 participants, 1800 delegates and 400 exhibitors from 60 countries will come together to network and advance global business and sustainability agendas.  Featuring one of the largest green business trade shows in the world, GLOBE attracts a powerful gathering of senior level business leaders, government, NGOs, academia, global agencies, technology developers, communicators and more – to discuss current trends and to showcase innovative solutions for the world’s most challenging environmental problems. 

NEIA led a successful delegation to GLOBE 2014 comprised of companies and educational institutions from NL and NS, and is currently recruiting for an Atlantic Canadian delegation the 2016 event. The event is a business and learning opportunity for firms, who can expand their networks, grow their sales, discover new markets, and find new partners. Delegates are able to take advantage of a number of resources NEIA will be facilitating, including:


Each firm will benefit from the services of a qualified matchmaking consultant who will provide on-the-ground marketing and logistical support. The consultant will develop a tailored program of meetings for participating firms with potential customers, suppliers, partners, regulators, and others based on the firm’s needs or interests.


Firms will have access to the 400 square foot Atlantic Pavilion located in the main aisle of the exhibition, and each will have dedicated and company-branded space allotted within the space to promote their products and service. NEIA will work with each firm on their branded section of the pavilion.


NEIA staff, mission consultants, and supporting agencies will become educated on your products and/or services so that you can maximize your time spent in meetings and at the conference itself.


As a member of the Atlantic Canada delegation, you will have access to reduced conference fees and travel stipends.

The deadline for indicating interest in participation is November 13, 2015.

If you plan to attend GLOBE 2016, or would like to participate in a planning committee leading to the event, please contact Abbie Lacey at (709) 237-8230 or Wayne Roebothan at (709) 729-0594

This initiative is supported through the Canada/Atlantic Provinces Agreement on International Business Development (IBDA).

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