Emerging European Trade Opportunities for Atlantic Canada
Webinar Series

New sectoral and market opportunities are emerging in Europe on several fronts: improved market access provided by the CETA, supply chain disruptions and innovations, and market demand shifts due to COVID-19.

In support of exploring new and attractive opportunities for Atlantic Canadian companies in international markets, the Government of Canada and the governments of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island have partnered with the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) in hosting a series of webinars to inform Atlantic Canadian exporters of emerging trends in Europe that present attractive new business opportunities.

The webinars will feature current market research and business development intelligence presented by OCO Global, a leading authority on economic development intelligence services and trade facilitation in Europe.

Companies with exporting experience looking to expand sales into Europe are encouraged to participate in any or all of the webinars in this series. Participants will have an opportunity to further engage with federal and provincial officials about specific market development interests and eligibility into a new market development program for Europe soon to be launched.

These webinars will be presented in English.
EUROPE MARKETS -Trends and Opportunities


All Webinars occur at 11 am Atlantic time

Webinar 3 June 16 Ocean Tech Sector Analysis REGISTER HERE
Webinar 4 June 17 ICT Sector Analysis REGISTER HERE
Webinar 5 June 18 Clean Tech Sector Analysis REGISTER HERE
Webinar 6 June 22 Wood Products (Construction) Analysis REGISTER HERE
Webinar 7 June 26 Natural Health Products Analysis REGISTER HERE
Webinar 8 June 30 Advanced Manufacturing Analysis REGISTER HERE

For questions contact ACC Europe Market Development Program Manager
Atlantic Chamber of Commerce: Glenn Davis – E: glenn@atlanticchamber.ca T: (902) 292-0121