DATE: 29-30 May,

LOCATION: Dexter House, London

This two-day session is concerned with the safety and effectiveness of technologies and techniques that allow exploration companies to innovate for safer drilling units, wells and develop risk management strategies for the Arctic
Rig design, environmental safety, reducing CO2 and much more…
– Supporting drilling operations in extremely remote, harsh environments
– Ensuring environmental safety during drilling operations
– Regulatory and liability regimes when operating in sensitive environments
– Innovations in drilling rig design for Arctic and sub-Arctic operation
– Well control management in ice-affected regions
– Towards automated well control in the Arctic
– Reducing CO2 emissions from drilling sand completion operations in the Arctic
– Concrete platform solutions for the Arctic – applications and benefits
– Understanding the influence of human factors in drilling and well operations
– Winterisation of offshore drilling rigs
– Developing ice management strategies to protect drilling operations

Hear from  Mike Cargol, General Manager, WellCONTAINED Subsea Containment SolutionsHear from Mike as he talks about well control management in ice-affected regions
• What equipment is required for rapid response to blow-out intervention?
• Is the current equipment and services suitable for Arctic environments?
• Risk management planning

Supporting drilling operations in extremely remote & harsh environments
– Understanding the key challenges
– Developing strategies to address the logistics challenge
– Equipment and staffing challenges
– Search and rescue
– Impact of lack of existing infrastructure

Sponsorship Opportunities

This event offers opportunitIES for companies to enhance or establish their profile in the international offshore drilling industry. There are a limited number of sponsorship and exhibition packages available.

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