DATE:Wed., June 27,

TIME: Noon – 13:00 hr

LOCATION: CBNL, 90 O’Leary Avenue, St. John’s, and


Gary Summers will be at Canada Business Newfoundland and Labrador to deliver a corporate training session on patterning your thought. The session is called “Conscious Awareness:  Change Your Thinking Change Your Life.”

Mr. Summers has a masters degree in physiology and certifications in hypnotherapy and cognitive behavior therapy.  With regard to this training session hge maintains that when a person changes the way she or he thinks about things, —the things that person thinks about also changes. Mr. Summers professes that life is 10 per cent what happens to a person and 90 per cent about how that person deal with her or his circumstances.  

Join us for an entertaining hour long session and learn strategies to re-pattern thinking that may help you deal with issues in a way that can be applied to your personal and professional life.

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