Offshore, Arctic & Marine Technology 
The premise of the talk will be that long-term success in the global marine and offshore industries appears to depend on developing technology which can be separated from domestic shipbuilding.
National shipbuilding is hard to sustain as countries become more affluent and we have seen a steady move of shipbuilding, post WW II, from UK, Europe and N. America to Japan, Korean and now to China.
However many countries, including Canada, have continued to develop strong industries based on marine technology de-coupled from shipbuilding; marine technology being broadly defined as the application of engineering and scientific knowledge, tools, and techniques to the understanding and use of the marine environment.
Examples of Marine Technology decoupled from local shipbuilding will be discussed in countries such as Norway, Finland and the Netherlands, as well as Canada, where companies such as Robert Allan, Genoa Design, Thordon Bearings, and the NRC Ice Team, have developed capabilities that are well recognized out side the country.
The presentation will give examples of marine technology R&D programs from a number of countries around the world and will give some ideas on how we might continue to strengthen our own Canadian efforts in this sector.