BlueTech Expo and Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW) are joining forces and going virtual on June 9, 2020!

With the interruptions to the spring event schedule and great uncertainty for the fall, there is a urgent need for a platform to help our industry reach customers – so we’re going online!  BlueTech Expo and CHOW have deep connections throughout the U.S. federal government and industry and draws over a thousand participants.  With these robust connections, BlueTech Expo and CHOW could be the highest impact event of 2020.

With a low-cost to participate and no travel related time and expenditures, it’s a practical no-brainer!

To learn more please visit  You can find attendee organizations here.

Click here to learn more about CHOW.

Maximize the Opportunity: Run a stand-alone information webinar!  A robust schedule of presentations throughout the day will significantly strengthen the marketing of the event, reinforce your brand, create content, and enhance the attendee value proposition.  We’d like to record these and promote them for on-demand viewing as a part of a post-event marketing strategy.  Topics could include a case study, mini-tutorial, product announcement, a remote live in-water demo, etc.  Get creative!  If you’ve got  your own meeting software great, but you’re also welcome to use our Zoom platform.  Our team will support you, record the session, and provide video editing services.  If you would like to do a stand-alone session, contact Rich Lawson

Virtual Exhibit Features: A vendor and technology platform has been contracted – Eventfinity

  • CHOW and BlueTech Expo will be integrated with a single user interface and experience
  • There will be a BlueTech Expo Hall with a the expected exhibitor directory
  • Each virtual exhibit features:
    • company branded page
    • embedded introductory video
    • ability to toggle booth status as having live online staff
    • sales team are all in the virtual booth interface with streaming video (similar to Zoom)
    • sales members can breakout into to one-on-one conversations
    • robust attendee tracking
    • admin interface to manage your booth, upload videos, PDF’s, and other supporting materials
  • Training will be scheduled for booth administration ASAP