DATE:  Friday 16 May,

10:00, 3:30p.m.


The WOC and Arctic industry representatives will join Arctic scientists in a webinar to inform and encourage Arctic researchers to include industry in their proposals to the Belmont Forum, a consortium of major government science funders.

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The Belmont Forum is a group of high-level representatives from agencies and organizations that fund global environmental change research. The Belmont Forum is the leadership group of the broader Council of Principals for the International Group of Funding Agencies for Global Change Research (IGFA).

The Belmont Forum recently released a “Call for Proposals on Arctic Observing and Research for Sustainability”.

The goal of the research program is to utilize Arctic observing systems, datasets and models to evaluate key sustainability challenges and opportunities in the region, to innovate new sustainability science theory and approaches to these challenges and opportunities, and support decision-making towards a sustainable Arctic environment.

The first “Funding Principle” for this major new Arctic research funding program is that “Private sector participation is strongly encouraged.” To help ensure this principle is addressed, the Belmont Forum has included WOC as a focal point for helping connect industry with research institutions who are preparing proposals.

The WOC is working to reach out to the research community to foster and facilitate the private sector involvement in the proposals (and the projects that are eventually funded). This is a key opportunity for the Arctic business community to: help ensure that Arctic research funds are directed towards addressing the issues important to industry; partner with the research community; work with and thought the WOC to develop a coordinated, collaborative approach and leadership on Arctic research in support of responsible industry practices.

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